Was Tyler Perry Trying To Seduce Athlete?


Tyler Perry Loves The NFL Players

Via GossipJacker.net:

A former big name retired professional football player gave the following account:

In working with some nonprofit efforts with a certain movie mogul, the mogul visited the athletes home with some of his representatives. Once in the main area, he asked for a tour of the athlete’s home. In hindsight, the athlete remembers the rest of the people sort of smirking and/or giggling to themselves. He didn’t really put much stock in this until after what happened had happened.

The athlete took the mogul through his home and once on the second level, the mogul began closing the door behind him when they entered each room. The athlete thought it was a bit strange, but said nothing and continued on the tour. Finally, when they entered another room, the mogul once again closed the door behind him and just stood at the door this time. The athlete looked at him confused and said, “What’s up with that?” The mogul said, “You know what’s up…” and just stood there looking at him knowingly. They had a brief stand off and then the athlete, who is otherwise a very happy go lucky and non-confrontational person said, “N*gga what?!”

It all clicked and he was becoming enraged. Noticing the athlete had genuinely been totally clueless until this point and was not having it, the mogul awkwardly said, “I’m just playing with you” and opened the door flustered. Upon returning to the main area where the rest of the mogul’s representatives were the athlete immediately told them he was cutting the visit short and would be in touch about the nonprofit plans.

On the athlete’s part, there’s no doubt in hindsight what exactly the mogul was trying to accomplish.

This isn’t a shocking revelation to most, but I posted it because this first-hand source is VERY reliable and although it’s not an over the top story, it’s a very credible and solid one which I thought I should share.

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