Jacky’s Report – RHOA : Malorie Bailey Massie’s Husband Chris Dated Her Daughter



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HSK Exclusive - Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey’s sister, 44 year Malorie Bailey Massie, is married to 34 year old Chris Massie — and guess what? Chris Massie dated Malorie’s daughter before he met Malorie.

Here’s what a RHOA insider told me:

“Malorie’s daughter is in her twenty’s and Chris is her step daddy. Jacky nobody knows this but Chris dated Malorie’s daughter before he met Malorie.

Chris plays basketball over seas in France and he’s got a mistress in France, and in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Chris pays the bills for his mistress in France and Houston.”

Does Malorie Bailey Massie read HSK? I don’t know, but if she did Malorie will discover that her husband Chris smashed her daughter and he’s also currently involved in other sexual relationships.

I think Malorie and her husband Chris Massie should take a trip to the “Jerry Springer” show. Don’t believe me? Ask Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas.

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