Jacky’s Report – Aretha Franklin – Queen Of Soul Lives the Blues



The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin recently got engaged to William “Wille” Wilkerson and guess what—I’m getting word that Aretha Franklin not only pays for love, but the singer’s youngest son is older than her soon to be groom.

Here’s what was revealed to me:

“Aretha Franklin is the poster girl for sugar mamas and she’s almost 70yrs old. Dick is Aretha’s downfall she had two kids before her 16th Birthday. She’s a preachers daughter and Aretha’s a hot mess. Aretha is a 8th grade drop out, teen mother, ex- prostitute, smoker, drinker, typical preachers kid.

Aretha’s first child was by a pimp and her second baby daddy is some unknown dude. Her first marriage was to an abusive hustler and her second marriage was to a down low black actor.

Aretha is planning a summer wedding to William Wilkerson and he’s younger then her youngest son. She met Willie at a social event while he was married to his wife of 23years. Aretha told Willie to quit his job as a part time security guard and fireman.

Aretha brought Willie a new condominium, Cadillac Escalade and she told Willie to say goodbye to his family.
Aretha had weight loss surgery to please Willie, her friends and family thinks shes making another mistake.

Aretha doesn’t talk to one of her sisters because they were both sleeping with the same guy. Jacky, if you don’t believe me.. Ask Dennis Edwards.”

Does Aretha Franklin like younger men? Of course she does. Don’t believe me.. Ask Blair Underwood.

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