Haitian Jack was a Government Informant


I saw this recent story on Hollywood Street King.. Hiphop has been hijacked by snitch niggas! Isn’t Haitian Jack Wyclef’s cousin?

The notorious East New York gangster who instilled constant fear into some of the game’s toughest figures and the recording industry’s top music moguls has remained a great mystery to many for several years. His name is one which was recited to the world by his one-time running mate, Tupac Shakur in “Against All Odds”, as the legendary rapper called the gangster out as a violator of one of the most sacred street codes. “Listen while I take you back and lace this rap, A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack.” Now, it seems that Tupac was not only not so far from speaking the truth, the late lyricist was in fact, DEAD ON.

In this exclusive report, HollywoodStreetKing.com breaks the mystic of widely feared Jacques “Haitian Jack” Aganat, and exposes the notorious crime figure as a police informant used to “take out organized crime in the music industry.” When told about the news, one HSK source recollected “come to think about it, everyone who I knew through Haitian Jack is in jail.” Now, the crime boss turned rat is a part of the witness protection program, and calls the Dominican Republic his home.

During his early teens, Haitian Jack began his career as a criminal burglarizing the Brooklyn, New York homes of drug dealers. He quickly gained the title of one of Brooklyn’s toughest street thugs, and formed the ‘Black Mafia’ gang. “His crew was so feared, they could walk down the lines of New York’s hottest night clubs and take every drug dealer’s Rolex and wallet without as much as a peep.” It’s said that Puffy also feared Jack, so much so that he too once gave Haitian Jack $10K and his Rolex watch. Jack even stole a Rolex watch from record executive Steve Stoute. If you don’t believe me, ask Jimmy Iovine.

By the early 90′s rap was ruling the airwaves, and Brooklyn native Biggie Smalls made his debut. Haitian Jack went out of his way to get close to B.I.G., and was eventually introduced to Tupac, by Biggie. Tupac and Haitian Jack immediately hit it off. “Jack provided protection, women and marijuana” and eventually “Jack was unofficially managing Tupac; the two were inseparable.” But, that didn’t last for long.

One night while the new found pair were partying at Manhattan’s Nell’s night club, Jack whispered in a woman’s ear. That’s when “she smiled and walked over to Tupac. The two danced and later returned to his hotel suite. The following day she returned. Tupac took her to his room; they began having sex when Jack’s crew entered the room. The young woman became the victim of date rape.” Jack and Tupac were later arrested in connection to the sex crime. “The two hired the best attorneys and planned strategies for their defense. Jack’s attorney, Paul Brenner, decided to severe Jack’s case from Shakur’s. He got Jack a six-month plea deal.” Tupac ended up going to trial, and was later found guilty of the rape. “Tupac felt betrayed by Jack.” While awaiting his sentencing Tupac “returned to Nell’s and made a fatal mistake: he commented on Jack’s criminal dealings to New York Post.” It was no secret that Tupac believed Biggie and Puffy set him up. I guess you would too if both Biggie and Puffy invited you to a Manhattan recording session which later ended with you being shot several times, including bullets to the head and groin.

Following the tragic ordeal, Suge Knight convinced Tupac to sign to Death Row records. That’s when the East Coast-West Coast feud began. After years of violence between the east and the west, both Biggie and Tupac were dead. Jack had his hands deep in Wyclef’s pockets, and after touring with the Fugees, Jack fell in love with Beverly Hills. He decided to stay in California, and later opened up his own management company attaching himself to artist publishing rights by the fear of the gun.

Not long after, along came the NYPD Elite Intelligence Division’s undercover detective, Bill Courtney, who was assigned his very own unit to take on the task of taking the mob out of the music industry. Bill uncovered Jack’s prime weakness: he’s was deportable. So Bill knew that once he found Jack, he would make him a offer that he couldn’t refuse: join team America or be shipped back to the island of his birth, Haiti. Bill worked with a sharp detective from Los Angeles named Mark Gayman. Together they would sink Haitian Jack, because they had this so-called street thug working for the government, and Jack would snitch on all for his American citizenship papers.

There was once a hit back out on 50 Cent, back east. The hit man on the job later turned an informant, and told Bill he turned the hit over to a man named Ta Ta. Bill told Interscope Records’ Jimmy Iovine he needed all access to 50 Cent’s camp to prevent the murder. 50 Cent was playing at L.A.’s House Of Blues for two nights. On the second night of 50′s showcase, Bill and Mark approached 50 Cent and his manager, Chris Lighty. That’s when they spotted Jack sitting at their table. The detectives suspected Jack was snitching on them too, so they texted Jack a message, telling him the climate in Haiti. Jack replied back to the text “I’ll be a good boy, I’m sorry.”

Jack had no honor. He was a criminal and a snitch, and not even the police trusted him. That’s why once detective Bill Courtney had enough of Jack and his antics, he tricked him and told him that he had the paper work in hand, which would make him an official U.S. citizen. Jack later learned that Bill lied to him, and was arrested and deported. After Jack’s arrest, Bill rummaged through Jack’s personal safe. He uncovered a large amount of crisp, new U.S. currency notes and several photos, some of which were racy images of Madonna with another woman.

During my investigation, I found out that Haitian Jack’s life was filled with smoking mirrors. He’s a man who sold his soul to gain the world, yet received nothing in return. He’s nothing more than a smooth-talking liar…a con man who’s now being sponsored by Akon. Who do you think bought Jack his new Range Rover in the Dominican republic?

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