Was Cathy White, Jay Z’s Illuminati Sacrifice?



Last year Cathy White was exposed as being the long time mistress of Jay Z. A relationship that is said to have started before Jay and Beyonce became involved with each other.. The relationship between Jay and Cathy was denied by everyone involved.

Flash forward one year to the day, and 48 hours after Beyonce very publicly announce she was pregnant with Jay’s baby. Cathy White has turned up dead. The circumstances are suspicious with the autopsy results being inconclusive.


According to the NYPD:


“A 911 call came in from an apartment on 130 West 19 street in Manhattan. Ambulance came and took Cathy because she was sick. They took her to the Beth Israel hospital and that’s where she expired.

It’s was to early to be speculating that an aneurism killed her. They will be doing an autopsy later today to check out her cause of death. But someone might have given Cathy a bad drug so they’ll do a toxicology and we’ll have to wait two weeks for that report.”

Jay Z has not been implicated yet, but the investigation is on going.

Was this a cover-up? Was this a sacrifice executed by the devil-worshiping Beyonce and Jay Z.

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  1. LADY K 10/10/2011, 1:47 am:

    Yes, I believe that this was a sacrifice, everybody in Hollywood is down with Illuminati.

  2. Kelly 11/15/2011, 9:54 am:

    wow jay linked to alota murders big aaliyah now her

  3. Kelly 11/15/2011, 10:40 am:

    Aaliyah was.jays sacrificé see how.he blew upp after she died him nn bee

    • Anonymous 05/07/2012, 1:31 am:

      nah damon dash

    • Anonymous 03/17/2013, 3:33 pm:

      No Aaliyah was daymon dash’s sacrifice

  4. Nat 01/18/2012, 5:17 am:

    Even if Jay already had a sacrifice, he may be due for another.

  5. Kaycee 03/18/2012, 3:16 pm:

    iThink Beyonce Did It To Be Honest

  6. truthhurtslikehell 07/04/2012, 1:04 am:

    Maybe she was pregnant too…

  7. guess what 08/10/2012, 1:22 pm:

    It was either or .. Beyonce is definitley part of it now jay-z doesnt want to be considered illuminati but yet he makes a clothing line that says other wise representing a number of there symbols.. His private life is kept under tight wraps Y… He has Kanye west another one whos private life is under tight wraps .. He got with Beyonce loved world wide nd Kanye is now with Kim who is known nd loved world wide.. Cover UPS are nothing for big money players .. Why is it that they have 2 big female names under there belt why is it that there daughter was named ivy blue .. If u dont wanna be considered as part of it why do the opposite nd why is it always brushed under the rug unless someones protecting you ?? All black everything yea all black every thing nd notice how Beyonce nd Kim that always are so vibrant in the color outfits they wear have changed there style to awards to darker shades especially Kim.. She has worn black nd white outfits with Kanye more then ever.. Jay z is good at what he does so is Kanye Kim nd Beyonce but theres dirt to be found every were

  8. GreenIvy 11/13/2012, 8:13 am:

    Yes I believe everything I see and read on the internet so it must be true.

    Lmfao I can’t help but laugh when idle retards refer to those blood sacrifice videos on Youtube whenever someone dies. Those are some crazy dots to connect without any real proof, people die everyday, but when a celebrity dies…. DUN~DUN~DUN!

    Jay and Be’ are two old timers in the industry using any/everything thrown their way to stay relevant so people will gossip about them, good/bad, it doesn’t matter…

  9. rym 02/11/2013, 4:43 am:

    The more I read into this Cathy White story and beyonce on HBO getting ready to announce her miscarriage, then watched a few YouTube’s when she was wearing that fake pregnant thing make and believe me I was pregnant and when I sat down my belly never folded…. so it does make me look into this Cathy White story more.

  10. amber 04/01/2013, 2:22 pm:

    Everyone has their opinions on sacrifice and illuninati but yet you still dwell in love these artist that put out a fake persona. Jayz and beyonce are jus illuminati puppets so they are victims in life just like the media wants people to beleive that people are killing people with guns, thats there mind control. We jus live on this planets, but they are in control, they go by their own time and want to have that population control. What the people need to do is come together with the lord on a physical level because thats our shield. This is hell on earth so therefore get our mind and body right with God so therefore there is no stopping us!!


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